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Best Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi NCR


Senior Consultant, Laparoscopic & Laser Surgeon

Dr. Kapil Agrawal is a renowned Bariatric, Laparoscopic, and Laser surgeon, who epitomizes excellence in the medical profession. With an illustrious career spanning 22 years, Dr. Agrawal has cemented his position as the best bariatric surgeon in Delhi. Having performed more than 7000+ advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgeries, he is well known for his unparalleled expertise and compassionate patient care. He is fully committed to surgical excellence and patient well-being. Dr. Agrawal's vast experience and excellent results in bariatric surgery have transformed the lives of countless individuals struggling with obesity and its associated health challenges. If you are looking for the best bariatric surgery in Delhi, Kindly contact us. Know More

About Habilite Clinics

Habilite Clinics, nestled in South Delhi, is one of the most trusted super specialty clinics specializing in a spectrum of services dedicated to weight management, advanced laparoscopic surgeries, and management of various anorectal disorders like piles and anal fistula. Renowned for its holistic approach, the clinic boasts a multidisciplinary team comprising skilled surgeons, dieticians, and medical professionals, all under one roof.

For those seeking weight loss solutions, Habilite Clinics offers personalized consultations and tailored programs designed to address individual needs and goals. Dr. Kapil Agrawal, founder and one of the best bariatric surgeon in Delhi, houses a team of experienced dieticians, gastroenterologists, and endocrinologists. The main goal is to provide comprehensive care for obesity following international guidelines, ensuring patients receive all necessary services for managing their condition. His team provides expert guidance on nutrition and lifestyle modifications, fostering sustainable weight loss journeys.

Moreover, for individuals requiring advanced laparoscopic surgeries, Habilite Clinics is a trusted destination. Patients benefit from detailed consultations, thorough assessments, and access to cutting-edge surgical techniques, ensuring optimal outcomes with minimal invasiveness.

Additionally, Habilite Clinics excels in providing the best and most advanced treatment for piles and fistula including laser surgeries. Habilite clinics offer the best care plans for the management of piles ensuring almost zero recurrence and minimal pain.

Habilite Clinics always ensure that patients find solace in knowing that a dedicated team of experts is committed to addressing their health concerns with compassion, expertise, and the latest medical advancements.

Best Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi

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Bariatric surgery involves several procedures aimed at achieving sustained and long-term weight loss. According to Dr. Kapil Agrawal, one of the top bariatric surgeon, it is the only modality that offers a transformative path to individuals struggling with obesity and related health conditions. Beyond weight loss, bariatric surgery leads to improvements in obesity-related comorbidities such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and joint pain. It also enhances psychological well-being and boosts self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, many patients experience increased mobility, improved quality of life, and a reduced risk of premature mortality.

The cost of bariatric surgery can vary widely depending on factors such as the type of bariatric procedure, the surgeon's fees, hospital charges, location, and any additional medical expenses. Habilite Clinics offers the combination of the best facilities, expertise, and quality at affordable prices. To learn more about bariatric surgery costs, kindly read

The chances of weight regain are negligible if the patient adheres to the dietary guidelines as advised by our nutritionists and surgeons. In few patients, weight regain or inadequate weight loss may be due to technical failure on part of surgeon while creating the new stomach. When the new stomach is large and bulky, it leads to inadequate weight loss or weight regain.

Dr. Kapil Agrawal is one the best bariatric surgeons in Delhi, India. He and his team are performing these surgeries in best hospitals for bariatric surgery. With our expertise, experience and dedicated post-operative services, we always ensure that the patient achieve the best results and maintain the results permanently.

The benefits of bariatric surgery are immense and extends beyond weight loss. It is the only tool which causes significant and permanent weight loss. The remarkable weight loss and hormonal changes associated with bariatric surgery not only improves physical health and appearance but benefits your mental health. It increases your confidence levels, self esteem and cures depression.

It also causes resolution of obesity related health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, joint and back pain and many more. It increases life span and even reduced the risk of certain cancers. Physical functions such as mobility, work, social interactions, and sexual function are markedly improved after surgery.

  • Complete spectrum of Bariatric surgeries coupled with thorough pre-operative evaluation
  • Medically supervised non-surgical weight loss program under the guidance of obesity physician, endocrinologist and nutritionists
  • Childhood & Adolescent Obesity Management
  • Information seminar about program, procedures, qualifications, benefits and risks
  • Guidance on behavior and lifestyle changes after surgery
  • Goal setting guidance in partnership with our bariatric physician
  • Commitment to life long journey through regular annual check ups

Bariatric surgery can significantly improve or even resolve type 2 diabetes in many patients, particularly those who are obese. This improvement is often attributed not only to weight loss but also to hormonal changes seen after weight loss surgery. It has been seen that individuals who have had type 2 diabetes for a shorter duration are more likely to achieve a complete cure after bariatric surgery compared to those with longer-standing diabetes.To know more, kindly visit our page.

Dr. Kapil Agrawal is one of the top bariatric surgeons in Delhi India. He and his team are offering single port bariatric surgery in majority of the patients especially young females. It is the latest and most advanced form of laparoscopic surgery. It yields excellent aesthetic results as there is no visible scar after surgery.

Liposuction is a body contouring surgery and it will only remove some part of stubborn fat in a particular area. It neither causes significant weight loss nor is a permanent weight loss solution. It never addresses issue responsible for weight gain and is only a cosmetic procedure.

Bariatric surgery is a modality for moderately to severely obese patients. It causes significant and permanent weight loss. In fact, in severely obese patients, only surgical intervention can yield successful results. It also causes resolution of obesity related diseases like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, poly cystic ovarian disease etc.

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