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Intra Gastric Balloon

A non-surgical procedure which helps achieve better portion control by making you feel full after eating less food.

Intra gastric balloon is a purely restrictive, non-surgical procedure. Gastric balloon or belly balloon is a soft, silicon balloon that is inserted into your stomach through mouth using an endoscope. The balloon occupies majority of the space in the stomach leaving very less room for the food.

With the gastric balloon program offered by our team, you can expect to lose between 12-15 kg and achieve life style goals. It is a procedure meant for overweight or class 1 obese patients who by loosing 12-15 kg of weight can reach their ideal body weight. It is an ideal solution for patients who are fed up with diet, pills, other weight loss procedures that haven’t worked.

How it works

A soft silicon balloon in a deflated state is inserted into the stomach with the help of an endoscope. No surgical cuts are given and no anatomy is altered. The balloon is then inflated with 700 ml of normal saline.

With the balloon in place, it creates a feeling of early and prolonged fullness in between meals. Your appetite is significantly reduced and eating a small amount of food makes you feel full.

Depending upon the type and quality of balloon, the balloon is placed for a period of 6-12 months.

Habilite Intra Gastric Balloon Program

  • Suitable for those who wish to lose 12-15 kg approximately.
  • Accompanied by 12 months of support from both a dietitian and psychologist.
  • Administered by an experienced medical team.
  • During this 6-12 months of balloon insertion, educational training in nutrition and life styles changes to achieve long term success.
  • A clinically accepted treatment for weight loss with excellent results across the world.

Advantages of intra gastric balloon

  • Completely safe procedure with almost nil complication rates.
  • No requirement of any nutritional supplements.
  • Extremely fast recovery and early return to work.

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