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Undergoing bariatric surgery has completely transformed my life. I was 137 kg and I used to sleep anytime even while sitting on chair..doctors told me I was having OSA and asked for weight reduction..I was not able to exercise and when no option was left in Nepal, my doctor in Nepal referred to Dr. Kapil agrawal. I met him and decided to undergo weight loss surgery ..I got operated in October 2015 and now I weigh only 75 kg..my breathing problems, OSA everything vanished .i feel energetic and so happy to get a new life.

Before and After Images - Bariatric Surgery Review - Habilite Clinics

How long had you been struggling with your weight before you decided to look into Bariatric Surgery? I have been struggling with my weight since 2007. What were some of your struggles before you had bariatric surgery? Back and knee pain, High cholesterol, Sleep apnea, hypertension What influenced you to choose bariatric surgery? I knew I had to loose weight in order to become healthy and control my medical conditions. How, specifically, did the bariatric surgery change your day to day activities/living? I am able to move around and not experience the back and knee pain. I am more physically active. How has your experience been with Dr. Agrawal and his staff? Dr. Agrawal is wonderful. He is patient, very nice and I felt very comfortable with him. The staff was friendly and courteous. What would you say to a friend who was thinking of bariatric surgery, but wasn’t sure? I would let them know it has changed my life and helped with either resolving my health problem or either they are getting better and should do it.

Habilite Clinics Review - Before and After Images - Bariatric Surgery

I had been struggling with my obesity all my life. I would lose weight; gain it all back and more. After the third attempt at losing weight and failing, I decided to look into bariatric surgery and was really amazed to know the benefits. I had developed sleep apnea in my early twenty’s. Then as I got older, I developed hypertension, hypothyroidism and borderline diabetes. i decided to meet Dr.Kapil Agrawal again as he had removed my gallbladder a couple years ago and I was very impressed with how easy it went. I underwent bariatric surgery in feb 2015 and i began to experience its benefit in a couple of weeks time. My energy and stamina levels began to increase and i could walk for 3-4 kms continously. After losing 35 kgs ,today I weight only 64 kgs and the journey of my weight loss has been very smooth and with the continous supervision and guidance of his team , i feel my life completely transformed. My constant problem of joint pains, high blood pressure and sleep apnoea have completely disappeared . I would like to extend my thanks to Dr.Kapil Agrawal and his team for giving me a new lease of life and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in bariatric surgery or looking for a laparoscopic surgeon.