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Pilonidal Sinus

A pilonidal sinus is an abnormal tract or tunnel running underneath the skin. Also known as a pilonidal cyst or pilonidal abscess, the tract usually contains fluid, hair, abscess, and dirt. It usually occurs in the cleft at the top of the buttocks.

It is a chronic inflammatory process that can result in a substantial decrease in quality of life.The treatment of pilonidal sinus is challenging because of the high chances of recurrence and delayed wound healing by conventional procedures.

Laser treatment of pilonidal sinus is quite promising as the chances of recurrence are almost negligible, and wound healing is swift because of its minimally invasive nature.


  • Positive family history of the disease
  • Obesity
  • Poor hygiene
  • Deep natal cleft anatomy
  • Hirsutism or excessive hair in the natal cleft
  • Occupation requiring prolonged sitting like drivers (also known as Jeep disease)
  • Excessive sweating

Presentation of pilonidal sinus:

  • The pilonidal disease has a broad
    spectrum of presentations starting
    from incidental findings to a severe
    form with significant disability.
  • Asymptomatic
  • No symptoms except for small swellings
    or small pits in the buttock’s cleft.
  • Wait and watch policy, or no intervention
    is required.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting
  • Avoid prolonged sitting
  • Maintain personal hygiene

Acute stage:

Formation of abscess or pus associated with pain and fever.

Initial management consists of drainage of pus or abscess and dressings. Then, laser depilation or removal of hair to be done to prevent a recurrence.

Chronic phase

Formation of the sinus with the intermittent discharge of pus.

Sinus formation can be associated with multiple tracts or branches.

Pain is less intense and often intermittent.

Laser surgery (SiLaC procedure, LA-EPSIT procedure) is highly effective for treating such a condition.

Sometimes flap based repairs are advised for extensive disease.

Recurrent phase

Sometimes pilonidal sinus can recur despite the best treatment.

The best way to prevent or lower the recurrence rate is the early and timely intervention of the primary disease.

A flap-based repair (cleft lift repair, Limburg flap repair) is done in complex, recurrent pilonidal disease.


Most Advanced Laser treatment for fistula

Laser procedures for pilonidal sinus are significantly becoming popular because of its minimally invasive nature, speedy recovery, same-day discharge with minimal post-operative follow ups or dressings.

Laser procedures performed by our team are:


This procedure is done for only simple, single-track pilonidal disease.

After cleaning and thorough irrigation of the tract, laser emitting laser fiber is inserted into the track, and a defined amount of energy is delivered.

This energy causes thermal ablation and collapse of the tract.

The patient is discharged on the same day with minimal follow-up.


A highly sophisticated, skinny endoscopic camera is introduced into the sinus, and all the debris and a small tuft of hairs are removed under direct vision.

This technique provides a good clearance of the cavity and hence minimizes the chance of recurrence.

Performed at very centers due to the high cost of infrastructure involved, this technique is beneficial for complex fistula with multiple branching.

The tract is then ablated with the help of laser emitting radial fiber through a photocoagulation mechanism.

Fast recovery, negligible recurrence, and same day discharge are some of the highlights which make this procedure highly rewarding.


  • Management of complex and recurrent fistula.
  • In highly complex or recurrent pilonidal disease, we might advise a flap-based repair.
  • Such types of pilonidal disease have extensive branching with involvement of both buttocks
  • These require extensive debridement of the wound, which is then closed with a flap-based repair.

The two types of flap-based repair performed by our team yielding excellent results are:

Cleft Lift Repair: usually indicated for the patient having deep natal cleft anatomy.

Limberg flap Repair: indicated for patients having an extensive disease involving both buttocks.

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The time taken for surgery depends upon the complexity of the pilonidal sinus. The approximate duration of surgery is between 45 minutes to two hours.

We usually discharge the patients on the same day or the next day of surgery.

The pilonidal sinus can be cured by medicines and certain lifestyle modifications in the very initial stages. However, as the disease progresses, it becomes challenging to treat the condition with drugs.

Simple Pilonidal disease can be cured with almost zero recurrences, but in complex cases associated with multiple and extensive branching, there are chances of recurrence

The best ways to minimize recurrence are

  • Early intervention. As time passes, the pilonidal sinus disease tends to turn into a complex one.
  • Experience and expertise of the surgeon
  • Choosing the right option for treatment

The majority of our patients can join back their work in five to seven days post-surgery. It all depends on the pilonidal sinus disease complexity and the type of procedure chosen to deal with it.

The majority of the patients don't require any follow-ups. But some of the patients might require irrigation of wounds 2-3 times. We have specialized dressers who can visit your house. They will clean and rinse the wound or tell you how you can rinse the track at home.

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The best treatment for pilonidal sinus depends upon several factors:

  • Whether the fistula is a simple type or complex type
  • Whether it is a recurrence or a fresh fistula
  • Whether there are significant branching or ramifications
  • Our team has all the best and latest available options for the treatment of all types of fistula.

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There are different procedures for the best management of fistula. Laser is one of the modalities. The best option for you will depend on the position of the fistula and whether it's a single channel or branches off in different directions.

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