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Best Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgeon in Delhi

Dr Kapil Agrawal is a distinguished name and one of the best gallbladder surgeon in Delhi, NCR. He has a vast experience of more than 22 years and has benefitted more than 7000 patients through his expertise in minimally invasive techniques. He is empanelled with some of the best hospitals for gallstones treatment. His track record is an attestation to his commitment to delivering excelling results to his patients. Dr Kapil Agrawal approach is characterized by compassion and pledge to well being of patients. His commitment to patients makes him one of the best laparoscopic gallbladder surgeon in Delhi.

About gall bladder stones

Gall bladder is a small pear-shaped organ situated just beneath the liver on the right side.

The main function of gall bladder is storage of bile made by the liver with an average capacity of 50ml.

Normal digestion can occur even without gall bladder as it will still be produced by liver and will reach the intestine for digestion of food but without being stored in gall bladder.

When gall bladder continuously fails to empty as it should, cholesterol found in bile precipitate leading to formation of stones.

Majority of gall bladder stones are made of cholesterol.

Best Gallbladder surgeon in Delhi

Symptoms of gall stones

  • Pain in the right upper side of abdomen.
  • High grade fever with chills
  • Vomiting or feeling of vomiting(nausea)
  • Pain radiating into the back between shoulder blades.
  • Improper digestion or excessive gas formation in abdomen (bloating of abdomen)
  • Jaundice leading to yellowish discoloration of eyes and dark colored urine.

Complications that can arise due
to untreated gall stones

Acute Cholecystitis: Infection of gall bladder causing severe pain in right upper abdomen persisting for many hours.

Rupture of Gall Bladder: Sometimes the gall bladder wall can rupture due to severe infection and pus formation especially in diabetics.

Jaundice: When the gall stones slip into the bile ducts, it can lead to jaundice.

Pancreatitis: When the stones from gall bladder slip into the pancreatic duct, it can lead to life threatening condition called pancreatitis.

Cancer of Gall Bladder: When the gall bladder stones are present for a long time , it can even lead to gall bladder cancer.

Best Treatment of Gall Bladder Stones in Delhi:

Laparoscopic surgery is a well established and best mode for the gall bladder surgery with clear advantages over the traditional open technique.

Long and thin telescope with powerful optical and high-definition monitors, state of the art highly précised instruments and extremely safe energy sources are used to perform dissection of the gall bladder.

At Habilite Clinics, our principal surgeon, Dr Kapil Agrawal has experience and expertise to perform both conventional laparoscopic surgery and the single port laparoscopic surgery, the most advanced and sophisticated of laparoscopic surgery.

Conventional Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy:

In conventional laparoscopic surgery for gall stones, we create 3 small holes of 0.5 cm in the abdomen. Long thin telescope along with instruments are introduced.

With the help of images projected on the monitors, the dissection of the gall bladder is carried out and the gall bladder along with stones is removed.

Single port laparoscopic cholecystectomy:

Single incision laparoscopic procedure for gall stones is a highly advanced, revolutionary procedure performed through a single incision completely hidden inside the belly button or umbilicus.

The procedure is carried out entirely in a similar manner when compared to traditional laparoscopic cholecystectomy but requires more expertise and precision for successful outcomes.

The major advantage of single port surgery is a single small hole or incision, which remarkably decreases pain and accelerates the recovery.

The best part of single port surgery for gall stones is excellent cosmesis because of a virtually scarless surgery.

Key Benefits of Single Port Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

In comparison to conventional 4 port laparoscopic surgery, the major advantage of single port surgery is a single small hole or incision, which remarkably decreases pain and accelerates the recovery.

who undergo single port gall stone surgery, are happier because of excellent cosmesis, rapid recovery and significant less pain perception.

  • Speedy Recovery
  • Early and Easy Mobility
  • Discharge within 24 hours
  • Virtually Scarless Surgery
  • Less Pain tissue trauma and less post-operative pain
  • Less Dependence on pain reliever tablets
  • Low risk of infection
  • Almost no risk of hernia
Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery

Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery

Scar after Single Port Surgery

Scar after Single Port Surgery

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Our team has a vast experience of more than 22 years and has the ability to treat most complex cases.

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Risk Factors for Gall Stone Formation

Although there is no definitive reason as to why the gall bladder stone occurs, certain conditions which predispose to gallstone formation are:

  • Advancing age especially more than 60 years
  • Females
  • Obesity
  • Rapid weight gain or weight loss
  • Certain medications like OCPs (oral contraceptive pills), hormone replacement therapy, fibrates etc promote gall stone formation
  • Family history of gall stones
  • Multiparity or multiple pregnancies
  • Bowel diseases resulting in ileal resection or bypass
  • People with certain other illnesses like Sickle cell anemia, Hemolytic anemia or Inflammatory bowel disease


Patients under going laparoscopic cholecystectomy by our team are discharged within 24 hours following surgery.

Recovery after laparoscopic surgery is very fast and the patients are allowed to walk after 4 hours of surgery. You can start taking bath from next day of surgery and there is no need for bed rest. Depending upon the type of job, you can join back in 4-7 days. You can start driving after 7 days of surgery.

There are some medicines which can dissolve gallstone but the results are extremely poor & it might take months to get the results. The chances of recurrence are very high and pure cholesterol stones are present in very few patients. Majority of the stones are of mixed type in which medicines are found to be ineffective.

Another option is shock wave lithotripsy in which high frequency waves are targeted on gall bladder to fragment stones but this modality has gone into disrepute due to poor results, high recurrence rate and development of complications like jaundice, pancreatitis etc.

Patient having gall stones should take low fat diet. Diet high in fat and cholesterol can precipitate the gall stone pain or may cause bloating or excessive gas formation. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, high fiber, low fat dairy products is usually recommended in patients having gall stones.

Despite a number of online claims, there is no scientific evidence that gallstones can be dissolved through remedies like Apple juice, apple cider vinegar or milk thistle. We highly recommend to trust only evidence-based medicine and adhere to scientific international guidelines for management of gall stones.

Your digestive system will continue to function properly even without the support of gall bladder. Your body takes 7-14 days to adapt itself without gall bladder following which there is no major dietary restrictions. During the initial phase, our dieticians will ensure a smooth recovery with their customized dietary plans.

There are three main reasons for formation of gall stones:

Excessive cholesterol in bile: bile contains certain chemicals which help in absorption of cholesterol but when liver starts eliminating excessive cholesterol, it can result in precipitation of cholesterol in gallbladder leading to formation of stones.

Sudden weight loss, sudden weight gain, obesity are some conditions which lead to this condition.

Excessive Bilirubin in Bile: Excessive bilirubin in bile can lead to formation of pigment stones. Bilirubin is a chemical produced after death of red blood cells in our body. Certain conditions like genetic blood disorders, liver cirrhosis can lead to excessive and premature death of red blood cells.

Dysfunction of gallbladder: When gallbladder loses its power to contract and relax adequately, there is stagnation or stasis of bile in gallbladder. This can lead to precipitation of cholesterol from the bile.

As a results, stones start forming in the gallbladder.

You must contact one of the best gallbladder stone surgeon in Delhi to know more about the reasons.


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Best Gallbladder surgeon in Delhi

The team is led by highly renowned laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Kapil Agrawal who brings forth his skill and expertise of 20 years to each and every case he undertakes.

Dr Kapil Agrawal is one of the best Gallbladder surgeons in Delhi and one of the few surgeons to practice single port Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.

He along with his team is affiliated to some of the most premiere hospitals which are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and provides world class infrastructure, at par with the best hospitals in the world.

He and his team provide best gall bladder stone treatment by imparting a safe, honest and stress-free experience and guiding you through a personalized patient care program.

His multi-disciplinary team of dieticians, physicians & endocrinologists work together to provide comprehensive and personalized care to each and every patient. The nutritionists provide customized dietary plans to help you recover better and faster.

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