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Dr. Shilpi Agarwal – Dietitian and Nutritionist

Senior Consultant

Welcome to Habilite Clinics, the definitive resource for your health and wellness. We are committed to giving you the proper guidance and pertinent information on health, nutrition, and food because we think it is important to nurture our bodies with the kind of diet that’s both nutritious and perfectly balanced all the way.

Habilite Clinics is proud and blessed to have the renowned and remarkably experienced Dietitian and Nutritionist, Dr. Shilpi Roy Agarwal, as its founder.

A Brief Profile of Dr. Shilpi Agarwal

Dr. Shilpi Roy Agarwal is an esteemed professional who possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in her field with 12 years of valuable experience. She proudly completed her Master's in Dietetic and Nutrition Management from the prestigious Vidyasagar University.

Not only that, Dr. Roy Agarwal is an active member of the Delhi Chapter of the Indian Dietetic Association, as well as the Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society of India, where she specializes in Bariatric Nutrition and Sports Nutrition.

She has also completed a diploma in Malnutrition from the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) in Delhi, further demonstrating her commitment to providing the best possible care for her patients.

Dr. Roy Agarwal has assisted a large number of high-profile personalities, including politicians, celebrities, and actors, achieve their fitness goals via customized and exemplary dietary routines. Apart from that, Dr. Roy Agarwal has devoted her career to enhancing the health and well-being of people at all levels of society as a proud member of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

With a wide range of facilities offered, including Thyroid diet counseling, Weight loss and gain diets, Warfarin management, Diabetic diet and counseling, Renal diet, Healthy Kids diet and counseling, and Diet in lactation, Dr. Roy Agarwal owns the skills and experience necessary to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, manage a medical condition, or simply lead a healthier life, Dr. Shilpi Roy Agarwal and her team of qualified dietitians, experienced physicians, and expert fitness trainers from Habilite Clinics is the ideal partner to guide you on your unique journey toward better health.

So, become a part of this encouraging community with Dr. Roy Agarwal, and let's walk along the path to a happier and healthier self!