Exercise Program Post Bariatric Surgery

Physical exercise plays a very important role and is as important as diet in maintaining a healthy weight following weight loss surgery. exercise complemented with healthy diet stabilizes the weight and prevents weight regain. In addition, it halts muscle loss that occurs during weight loss following bariatric surgery and boosts your metabolic rate which helps in burning calories even when you are sitting idle.

According to Dr. Kapil Agrawal, one of the best bariatric surgeons in Delhi, India, a good exercise program following weight loss surgery should be progressive and designed in a manner which is enjoyable and can be sustained for years tocome. However, one must be careful and wait at least six weeks before beginning some vigorous exercise. An early start of vigorous exercise can slowdown the healing process and even increase the chance of developing hernia from the incision sites.

Some of the tips that can really help you in developing a good and fruitfulexercise program are:

  • Learn to dress appropriately and wear comfortable clothes appropriatefor the weather and the activity. A good, properly fitted shoes is a must toenjoy your exercise program.
  • Always start your exercise program under the trained supervisor.According to Dr. Kapil Agrawal, who is one of the best bariatric surgeonsin India, a good trained supervisor ensures that he develops a programwhich has both stretching and weight resistance exercises. Adding lightweights to your exercise program ensure that muscle mass is maintainedduring weight loss journey.
  • Gentle yoga can be a very good option for stretching type of exercise andcan help in increasing the flexibility of joints and as well as boosting themetabolism rate.
  • You must learn to build your exercise program slowly and gradually and itmust include 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days in a week. One musttry to exercise during the same time of the day so that it becomes aregular part of your life style.
  • One must learn to keep reasonable expectations and also acknowledgethe body limitations. If you are having some heart disease or chronichealth problem, check with your doctor before indulging into anyprogram.
  • One must try to find ways that keep you active through out the day likewalk the mall before shopping, using stairs instead of elevators, parkingthe car a bit far from your destination. Don’t get discouraged even if youstop for some time. Get started again gradually. Don’t exerciseimmediately after meals or when it is too hot or humid.
  • Try to make exercise a fun program. According to Dr. Kapil Agrawal who isone of the best bariatric surgeons in Delhi, India, one must learn tochoose activities that are fun and not exhausting. Use variety of exercisesthat keep up your interest like walking, swimming, cycling, outdoorsports, gym etc. Try to involve your friends or family in your exerciseprogram. A good company not only boosts your confidence but alsoencourages you to work harder.
  • Always set your milestones. Keep a track of your distance or duration ofthe exercise done. Once you achieve a set mile stone reward yourself witha non-food item. It will help you keep motivated to set harder goals andthen work hard to achieve them.

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