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Banded Bariatric Surgery

Banded bariatric surgery is a new technique in which is a band is placed during sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass which prevents weight regain in the long term.

In a few patients, due to poor dietary habits and trying to eat more may result in the dilatation of the stomach pouch. As a result, the stomach starts getting bigger with time and thereby increasing its storage capacity. As a result, patient tends to eat more thereby neutralizing the effect of bariatric surgery to large extent and patient starts gaining weight.

The Gabp ring or band is an annular restrictive ring which is placed around the newly created stomach pouch during gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery around the newly surgically created pouch during a gastric bypass procedure or sleeve gastrectomy.

Minimizer Ring is another option which works in a similar way to GaBP ring.

How it works

During the surgery, when a new stomach pouch is created in sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. We place this band around the upper part of new stomach and fix it. It acts as a guard by preventing dilatation of stomach beyond a particular point.

It ensures long lasting results in patients undergoing weight loss surgeries.

Advantages of Banded Procedure:

  • Ensures higher rate of success in term of sustained weight loss.
  • Reduces rate of gastric outlet problems at the anastomosis.
  • Reduces other complications associated with pouch outlet dilation like GERD, dumping syndrome, and reactive hypoglycemia.

When the psychologist evaluation prior to surgery suggests that patient has a poor compliance with dietary and life style modifications or the patient is a volume eater then we advise for ring insertion for better and long-lasting weight loss.

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