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Single Port Bariatric Surgeries

It is a very exciting new modality which works by further reducing the scars of standard laparoscopy and converts into scar free weight loss surgery.

The single incision bariatric surgery or scar free surgery is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world although only a few surgeons can perform because of its steep learning curve. Dr.Kapil Agrawal along with his team has been performing single port laparoscopic bariatric surgeries with excellent results.

At present he is offering this technique to perform sleeve gastrectomy, which is one of the most popular bariatric procedure.

Understanding Single Port Bariatric Surgery

This is an advanced type of laparoscopic surgery in which the entire surgery is carried out through a single entry point the “belly button”. Since the incision is made inside the umbilicus, it results in a virtually scar free surgery.

In traditional laparoscopic surgery, the surgery is carried out with the help of 4-5 holes or port whereas in single port surgery the entire is performed through an incision in the belly button. A special single port system is used to carry out the procedure.

Single incision sleeve gastrectomy surgery involves less pain and little or no scarring. Since there is no need to cut through the stomach muscle, recovery time is significantly shorter, post-operative pain is significantly reduced while the cosmetic results are amazing. Most patients have no visible scars after this surgery.

Single Port Bariatric Surgeries

We don’t offer SILS in super obese patients or patients having multiple abdominal surgeries, having cirrhosis of liver or dense adhesions.

Single port “habilite bariatrics” technique for sleeve gastrectomy

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Thanks to the combination of our expertise, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled skills, we have achieved successful SILS gastric sleeve results time and time again, and we can deliver these same results to you. Schedule a consultation today and learn if you are a candidate to undergo SILS or single port scar free surgery.

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