Have you undergone gallbladder removal surgery and facing some digestion issues? Then, you must pay attention to what you are eating, and you should know the diet after gallbladder stone surgery In most patients, the body gets easily adapted to living without a gall bladder. Still, some patients might find it difficult to adjust without a gall bladder and best gallbladder surgeon in Delhi.

Did you know that gallbladder may not have any vital role in digestion? Still, some patients might experience bloating the abdomen or gas formation, especially after consuming fatty meals? Some people may even experience diarrhea for the first few days after gall bladder removal surgery.

Are you aware of the function of the gallbladder? If no then we tell you about the role of your gallbladder. It can be described as a small oval organ situated just beneath your liver. The gall bladder’s primary function is to store the bile formed in the liver and then release it into the small intestine to break the food. In case your gallbladder gets infected or stops functioning, it tends to develop stones.

You will have to get it removed to prevent the development of further complications. The body soon adapts to function generally without gall bladder in the vast number of patients. Still, some patients may require some dietary modifications to live normally. Follow same diet after gallbladder stone surgery.

Dr. Kapil Agrawal, one of the best laparoscopic and best gall bladder stone surgeon in Delhi, highlights some points and tips that can help you make your digestive system work more efficiently.


Take it Easy After Surgery

We usually advise our patients to take a diet low in fat and spices for the first few days. However, some patients who find it difficult to digest a regular diet are advised to take light and soft foods for a few days. Thus, you’ll be suggested to incorporate foods like boiled potatoes, bananas, or maybe polished rice. Slowly, your diet will change after surgery.

Take Foods Diet After Gallbladder Stone Surgery

Some people find it difficult to digest fatty foods for the first few days. In such patients, we usually advise them to take low fat, preferably home-cooked foods. You will always benefit by eating foods like lentils, vegetables, fruits, and vegetables. A high-fiber diet helps you in dealing with diarrhea. Try to avoid fruits that are acidic in nature. You must also learn to avoid food that has a high protein content for the first few days.

Take Plenty of Water

Taking plenty of water may help in the process of digestion. It also helps in the smooth passage of stools.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol: 

If you are experiencing bloating of the abdomen, then you must refrain from sodas, caffeine, and alcohol for the first few days. It would be best if you also avoid sugary drinks.

Avoid Eating Desserts

Desserts usually contain a high amount of fats and sugar, which again be a problem of indigestion and abdominal discomfort. It is advisable to avoid eating desserts for the first two weeks following surgery.

Schedule Your Meals

You will have to schedule the proper timings of your meals. Now, you are without your gallbladder, so plan around 4-6 meals per day. If you have been advised to eat snacks, they should be low in fat content, ensuring that you do not overeat. You will have to give enough time for food digestion after every meal.

You must eat steamed or boiled vegetables

Instead of using a large amount of oil for cooking them. Steamed vegetables will be easy to digest. In case you need oil for grilling, then use it in minimal quantities. Keep in mind that you must avoid using butter or ghee while cooking. Even if you are eating chicken, steam it instead of frying it. Avoid using spices such as cinnamon which can take a toll on your digestive health. You must try and have ginger or even turmeric that will be easy for you.

Stick to Healthy Eating Habits

 Once you recover, you can again start binge eating and diet after gallbladder stone surgery. Doing so is a complete no-no. If you happen to eat out in the restaurant, make sure that you follow the dietary restrictions. Even after recovery, you will have to adhere to a well-balanced diet. Your digestion process will take time to normalize. If you have any digestion issues or even complications, you will have to inform your doctor immediately. Healthy eating habits can help you improve your well-being.

Moderate Amount of Exercise

  • You must indulge yourself in various aerobic activities or outdoor sports at least 30-45 minutes and five days a week. It will boost your metabolism and helps you in keeping your digestion active and healthy.

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You must contact our experienced and highly dedicated dieticians who will work in tandem to look for any food items which might not suit you following Diet after gallbladder stone surgery. Our dieticians will provide you with specialized diet charts to overcome the problem and make your digestive system fit and healthy.

About Dr. Kapil Agrawal

Dr. Kapil Agrawal is one of the leading and best laparoscopic surgeons in New Delhi NCR region. He is, in fact, one of the best gallstone removal surgeons who use the single port approach in the majority of his patients. He has a team of dedicated nutritionists who ensures a smooth and speedy recovery after laparoscopic surgery.

By Dr .Kapil Agrawal

Dr. Kapil Agrawal holds 22+ years of rich experience in General Laparoscopic Surgeries (including Gallbladder Stone, appendix removal, hernia surgery, piles, lipoma, circumcision and fissure surgeries) and Bariatric Surgeries. He is a Senior Consultant with the Apollo Group of Hospitals in Delhi. Dr. Kapil has completed over 7000 Laparoscopic surgeries for all National and International Patients. He was associated with North Middlesex University Hospital, Edmonton, UK, and the Aintree University Hospital, Liverpool. He was honored with an MRCS (Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK) in 2007 in England. He has established a super specialty consultation center, 'Habilite Clinics,' in Delhi, intending to minimize the hospital's stressful experience and provide a warm and compassionate environment to his patients. The clinics offer a holistic program for the management of obesity and various advanced laparoscopic and laser surgeries to manage multiple ailments.

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