Which is the best surgery among all bariatric surgeries?

Bariatric surgery is often considered as a quick fix who don’t have the discipline to achieve weight loss by adopting healthy life style and balanced diet. The truth is that advantages of bariatric surgery are far more and in severely obese patients it is the only viable option to achieve long term significant weight loss. If you have consistently failed to maintain weight loss after trying all the conventional weight loss methods, then bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery might be the only option for you..

There are a variety of bariatric or weight loss procedures and each procedure has got its own advantages. There is no “one size fits all” procedure and proper evaluation and counselling of the patient determines which one best fits his goals.

Bariatric procedures can be restrictive in which one feels full sooner while eating or malabsorptive in which less calories are absorbed by body or a combination of both. Some of the most common and well established bariatric or weight loss surgeries include sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass, duodenal jejunal bypass and duodenal switch. One must have the basic knowledge of each and every procedure so that you know what to expect after surgery.

We strongly believe that different patients achieve best results with different procedures. Dr. Kapil Agrawal is the one of the best bariatric surgeons in Delhi and we as a team are therefore committed to offer almost every type of bariatric surgery which emphasize patient safety, long term results yet tailor made to meet all their needs and goals.

We take many factors into account before assigning any particular procedure like your activity levels, your dietary habits, your commitment levels, obesity related health problems like diabetes, hypertension etc., your weight loss goals, your ability for follow up visits, cravings for sweets, emotional eating pattern. It is after complete evaluation we determine the procedure best suited for you.

What sets us apart and makes us truly one of the best weight loss surgeon in Delhi is our ability to deliver complete spectrum of bariatric surgeries and a full spectrum of care before and after the surgery. We treat the patient with a comprehensive plan, including psychological, nutritional, and physical evaluations, as well as counseling, support groups, and long-term coordination of care. For a confidence inspiring experience, no one delivers better than our team at habilite bariatrics.

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