Cost of Hernia Surgery in Delhi

Before we can find an answer to this question, it is essential to understand what is hernia and its treatment options.

Hernia is basically a tear or a gap in the abdominal muscles of your body which can occur due to various factors. The basic cause is excessive pressure on muscles like chronic cough, constipation, multiple pregnancies etc. or it can be associated due to old age leading to wear and tear of muscles. Some hernias can be due to technical failure or improper closure of wound during previous surgeries.

As a result of this, the organs lying inside the abdomen starts bulging out through the tear or gap present in muscles. Initially, these hernias disappear on lying down and present as bulge on standing or straining activities. Over a period of time, if not treated these hernias can become irreducible. It means the swelling or bulge becomes permanent.

What are the common areas where hernia can occur?

Hernia can occur at many places. Depending upon the site or location, the hernia can be classified as

  • Inguinal Hernia
  • Femoral hernia
  • Umbilical hernia
  • Epigastric hernia
  • Ventral or Incisional hernia
What are the common areas where hernia can occur?

Hernia can be repaired by broadly two methods:

  • Open Approach (Conventional Method)
  • Laparoscopic Approach

In the open approach or conventional approach, a cut is made in the affected area. The hernia sac is identified which is either reduced or cut. A mesh is placed to provide support to the muscles. The wound is closed

Such types of surgery can be performed under regional anesthesia or general anesthesia, are cheaper as compared to laparoscopic surgery but certainly their recovery time is longer and associated with higher chance of recurrence or infection

In laparoscopic approach, the surgery is performed using 3-4 small tiny holes through which the hernia repair is carried out and even the mesh is placed. These surgeries are usually done in general anesthesia, are costlier when compared to open surgery but are beneficial in terms of faster recovery and lesser chance of wound infection.

Cost of Hernia Surgery:

The cost of hernia surgery depends upon many methods. Some of the factors which determine the cost of hernia surgery are:

• Type of anesthesia

As described above, the general anesthesia is always costlier when compared to regional anesthesia. Almost all laparoscopic surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, which adds to t cost their high cost when compared to open surgeries.

Infrastructure of hospital

The type of hospital chosen to perform the surgery is a crucial factor in determining the cost of hernia surgery. Hospitals which are well equipped with all the back ups including ICU and CCU charge more when compared to other hospitals. However, your surgeon is the best person to decide which set up can be the best for you without compromising the quality and results. Very few patients really require such advanced backups.

Site and size of hernia

The site and size of hernia is also a deciding factor for estimating the cost of hernia. Bigger the size of hernia, more is the dissection and time required to perform surgery. A larger mesh is used for a bigger hernia which further enhances the cost of surgery.

Quality of mesh

The market is flooded with different types and quality of mesh. An average size of mesh can range from Rs 2000 to Rs 40000. But it is not necessary that costlier the mesh, better will be the hernia repair. In fact, each type of mesh has got its own indication, purpose and advantages. The type of mesh used depends upon the site of hernia and whether the surgery is performed laparoscopically or open method. Patients having umbilical, epigastric or ventral hernia and undergoing laparoscopic surgery usually requires composite mesh which are very costly as compared to normal meshes. You must always discuss with your surgeon the type or quality of mesh being used in your case

How things function at Habilite Clinics

At our clinic, we have a team of well experienced and internationally trained surgeons for management of even the most complex types of hernia. The various advantages being offered by our clinic are:

Customized and tailored Approach:

We at our center takes into account every minute detail regarding the management of hernia. We look into detail for all the factors which resulted in development of hernia. It helps in prevention of hernia in the future. We also discuss in detail regarding all the treatment options available for the management of particular hernia.:

Availability of medical insurance:

We are affiliated to some of the finest corporate hospitals where we offer cashless facilities for almost every type of medical insurance. If patient is not medically insured, we can provide the option of budget friendly hospitals where we can deliver the same quality of results at affordable prices.


We always strive to provide the best to our patients in terms of quality, treatment and ethics. All the procedures are followed with transparency and according to international standards.

For International Patients:

Our team takes care of facilities like arranging your medical visa, accommodation, providing healthy meals as prescribed by our surgeons and planning your travel tour in India. We promise a quick, efficient and cost-effective services.

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The rates mentioned below are the basic packages available at budget hospitals. The packages are tentative and can vary depending upon the condition of patient and several parameters.

Site of Hernia Laparoscopic surgery Open Surgery
Inguinal Hernia Rs 45000 Rs 35000
Femoral Hernia Rs 45000 Rs 35000
Umbilical Hernia Rs 35000+ Mesh + Tacker Rs 35000
Epigastric Hernia Rs 35000+Mesh+Tacker Rs 35000
Ventral Hernia Rs 40000+ Mesh+ Tacker Rs 50000