Can medicines and food help in removal of gall stones?

There is no doubt that everyone tends to avoid surgery and looks for an alternative non-surgical treatment of any disease. There are many patients who simply want to get rid of gall stones with the help of medicines and dietary changes. I wish these modalities can help in getting rid of gall stones. But unfortunately, scientific studies have given us a clear picture if any food and medicines can help in getting rid of gall stones.

It has been seen that people who consume sugar and fat in excessive quantities are more prone to develop gall stones. Therefore, a healthy diet plays a very important role in prevention and as well as progression of gall stones.

Rapid changes in body weight is another cause for development of gall stones. One must always try to avoid sudden weight loss or gain as it might increases the chance of formation of gall stones. It is there fore recommended that one must avoid crash diets for weight loss as it leads to formation of gall stones.

Weight loss by dieting or calorie restriction should always be done under the supervision of expert nutritionist to avoid any ill effects on our body. Rapid weight gain also alters the body cholesterol metabolism leading to formation of gall stones.

Once the patient start developing gall stones, we strictly advice to go for low fat diet. According to Dr. Kapil Agrawal, who is one of the best laparoscopic and robotic surgeon in Delhi, India low fat diet decreases the contraction of gall bladder. This might prevent stone from getting dislodged from gall stones into the bile duct or pancreas, which may result in jaundice, fever or pancreatitis.

Medicines have a very little role to play in the management of gall stones. it is mainly because of the fact that medicines might take months to years to dissolve gall stones. The results are very poor and only a very few patients can get benefit with the help of medicines. Moreover, there are very high chances of recurrence. It means, that gall stones will reoccur in short period of time. Only in very specific conditions, like patient developing very tiny gall stones after a prolonged illness may benefit with medicines.

According to Dr. Kapil Agrawal, one of the best gall bladder surgeon in Delhi, India, the patient must take the opinion of a specialist surgeon to assess if medicine can really work on them. With the advent of technology, gall bladder surgery is carried out as a day care procedure with excellent and rapid recovery.

Dr.Kapil Agrawal and his team are offering reduced port surgery or even single port surgery in majority of the patients making it almost a scar free surgery. According to him, single port surgery is one the best treatment for gall stones as it makes recovery very fast. therefore, one must always take the opinion of a specialist to seek the best treatment for gall stones and avoid any complications in the future.

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